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 - Establishment basis: The Institute of Strategy and Scientific Inspectorate was established under Decision No. 539/QD-TTCP of June 25, 2018 of the Inspector-General - inheriting predecessor organizations under the name of Research Center of Information Science Inspection (1992) and Government Inspectorate Research Institute (2003); is a public service unit under the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam; have its own legal status, seal and account; the head office is located at 17 Cao Ba Quat, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City.


- International transaction name: Inspectorate Strategy and Science Institute (abbreviated as ISSI)


- Functions and duties: (i) Research and design strategies and policies; (ii) scientific research and management of scientific activities in the fields of inspection, citizen reception, settlement of complaints and denunciations and the prevention and fight against corruption and other related contents; (iii) manage scientific research activities; (iv) assist the Government Inspector General in organizing the application of scientific research findings to the whole inspection industry; (v) build and manage databases of scientific information - documents and Library of Government Inspectorate; compiled and published in accordance with the law publications - scientific documents on the field of the inspection industry; (vi) provide scientific services, consulting services and fostering legal knowledge on inspection, citizen reception, settlement of complaints, denunciations and anti-corruption for agencies and organizations, units in accordance with the law; (vii) participate in training, retraining and developing training programs and curricula, fostering inspectors; (viii) associate, cooperate in scientific research on inspection, citizen reception, settlement of complaints, denunciations and anti-corruption with organizations and individuals inside and outside nation.


- Research orientation: Focusing on 03 basic pillars: (i) Theories, laws and practices on inspection, settlement of complaints and denunciations, citizen reception and anti-corruption; (ii) theories, laws and practices of power control; (iii) theory, law and practice on state management, corporate governance and social risk management.


- Organizational structure: ISSI currently has 04 professional departments with 100% of researchers having master and doctorate degrees (including 08 doctorates) in the fields of jurisprudence, public administration, public policy, economics, politics and information technology.

Director of ISSI: Dr. Nguyen Quoc Van


Deputy Director of ISSI: Master Pham Thi Thu Hien


Deputy Director of ISSI: Dr. Nguyen Tuan Khanh


Deputy Director of ISSI: Dr. Cung Phi Hung       


- Contact address: www.issi.gov.vn; Tel: 84-24.37473629; Fax: 84-24.37470458; Email: vienclkhtt@issi.gov.vn

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