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Throughout the history of development, the ISSI has successfully cooperated with many domestic and foreign partners in scientific research, information sharing, institutional building, policy and human training resources and other technical support with rich content and forms of cooperation. Typical cooperative activities include:


- STAR Project (USA): Technical assistance program for implementing Vietnam - US Trade Agreement.


- DANIDA Project (Denmark): The project supports the research and preparation to ratify the United Nations Convention against Corruption.


- Asian Development Bank (ADB) project: Small-scale technical assistance "Strengthening the capacity of the Government Inspectorate"; organize a number of international conferences on the elaboration of national plans to implement the Asia-Pacific Corruption Action Program.


- Projects under the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), including: The project to support the elaboration of the 2005 Anti-Corruption Law; Project providing initial support to Vietnam's anti-corruption efforts; Technical assistance project to implement the United Nations Convention against Corruption of Vietnam; Project AC - UNCAC on "Strengthening the implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption and the role of non-state actors to support the Government's anti-corruption work" ; Project GI - UNCAC on "Improving the Government's supervision and reporting capacity on corruption and anti-corruption work";


- The project of the World Bank (WB): "Amending the Law on Complaints and Denunciations" and "Researching and investigating conflicts of interest in preventing corruption".


- KAS Institute (Federal Republic of Germany): National Workshop "Protection of the legitimate rights and interests of citizens by means of resolving administrative complaints".


- The Embassy of Ireland in Vietnam: "Research and survey to improve the effectiveness of community investment supervision for poverty reduction projects, contributing to the prevention and fight against corruption".


- SIDA project (Sweden): Cooperative project to build a number of decrees guiding the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Law; the project supports the "Inception phase" of the Program "Enhancing the overall capacity of the inspection industry - POSCIS".


- The program was funded by the governments of Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Canada. The program was implemented at Government Inspectorate and 10 ministries, branches and localities (Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, and Kien. Giang, Khanh Hoa and Ha Tinh).


- Professional cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Towards Transparency (TT), the Wildlife Protection Organization - WCS, the Embassies of Finland, Canada, and Ireland ... in Vietnam in the sharing of information - materials, in research, surveys, training programs, conferences, seminars, forums inside and outside nation related to the topic of anti-corruption and good governance such as: the role of society in preventing corruption; building a culture of integrity against corruption; building the Government of transparency, integrity, openness; preventing and fighting against corruption in protecting wildlife; surveying and publishing corruption perception index, barometer of corruption and anti-corruption ...


- Cooperating with the National Academy of Public Administration in researching, developing textbooks and documents, and participating in teaching inspectors' bachelor training system (since 2010); cooperate with the Faculty of Law, Hanoi National University in compiling curricula, teaching materials and participating in teaching theories and law on anti-corruption for the bachelor's law training program (from in 2013), supporting the opening of the industry code and the cooperation in teaching the Master of Laws training program in the field "State Administration and Anti-Corruption" since 2018.


Recently, ISSI’s cooperation activities have continued to expand through the forms of collaborative research, teaching, propaganda and dissemination of laws, organization of seminars and meetings, workshops, forums, evaluations - scientific criticism, practical surveys of the Institute with many research, training institutions and agencies and organizations such as: School of Law, Hanoi National University, Academy of Administration National University of Home Affairs, Academy of Journalism and Communication, Hanoi Law University, People's Police Academy, People's Security Academy, Da Nang University, Thai Nguyen University, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam, Institute of Public Policy and Law, State and Law Institute, Legislative Research Institute, Institute of Legal Science, units research and training under the Committees of the Communist Party of Vietnam and of the ministries, branches and socio-political organizations at the Central level; political fostering schools of provinces and cities; inspection of provinces and cities...


ISSI’s Cooperations will further focus on implementing the mission and vision of the Institute; therefore, the content of cooperation will focus on theoretical and legal issues, practices on inspection, settlement of complaints and denunciations, citizen reception, anti-corruption; control of power; state governance, corporate governance and social governance against risks.

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