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In the context of the inspection industry has a strong innovation in all aspects to meet the requirements of power control in the spirit of the Constitution in 2013; stick to the objectives and requirements of the anti-corruption work and orient the Government to build transparency, integrity, development assistance; access to new ideas about the transition of the state's role to governance - service, responsibility and the equality of the state in relation to social subjects, about the conversion of the concept of law laws, law enforcement, state management in the industrial revolution 4.0 and the context of drastic change of the era... the general research orientation of the ISSI will further focus on into 03 basic pillars - with the integration and interference of research content:


 (i) Theories, laws and practices on inspection, settlement of complaints and denunciations, citizen reception and anti-corruption;


 (ii) Theories, laws and practices of power control;


(iii) Theory, law and practice of state governance, corporate governance and social governance against risks.


Accordingly, in the coming time, the selected research topics will aim to solve new, pressing issues on political - legal - professional theory and practice on a national or national scale, agencies and organizations of Vietnam, with a priority focus on: Improving the mechanism of anti-corruption / power control against corruption; the role of state and social actors in preventing corruption; preventing and fighting “ petty” corruption and building a culture of integrity in preventing and fighting against corruption; control of assets, income of people in positions, powers and recovery of corrupt assets; anti-corruption in private sector; the role of modern communication in the fight against corruption; building the Government of transparency, openness, integrity, and creating development; capacity building and efficiency of public and private sector governance; protecting human rights, rights and obligations of citizens according to the Vietnamese Constitution 2013; controlling and improving the capacity, effectiveness and efficiency of inspection, examination, supervision, audit, settlement of complaints and denunciations and citizen reception; model, international experience in anti-corruption, power control and good governance.


 Sticking to the above research focus, scientific career development activities of the ISSI will innovate in the direction of:


(i) Integrating scientific research: with the formulation of strategies, institutions and policies; with management and administration activities of public and private sector entities; with consultancy, training and retraining on policies, laws and professional skills of inspection, examination, audit, supervision, settlement of complaints and denunciations, reception of citizens and prevention of corruption and good governance for those in need;


(ii) Enhancing and proactively sharing, exploiting and promoting domestic and foreign scientific, financial - technical resources for the development of scientific career;


 (iii) Taking advantages of the coordination and assistance of state agencies at the central and local levels; agencies, organizations, units, enterprises and individuals inside and outside nation in order to improve the quality of research, to share research products and the ability to apply scientific research results into practice.

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