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- Regarding scientific research results and application of research results: From 1992 until now, ISSI and its predecessor organizations have presided over 5 successful research projects at national level, 126 ministerial-level scientific topics, 147 grassroots scientific topics, hundreds of independent scientific topics, monographs, textbooks, reference materials, guides and propaganda and dissemination of laws; has presided over the organization and coordination of successful organization of many practical researches and surveys with different scales and subjects in the fields of inspection, examination, audit, supervision, reception of citizens and settlement. complaints, denunciations, anti-corruption, state management, staff organization…according to the requests of the Party Central Committee, the Government of Vietnam, the Government Inspectorate, the ministries and local branches and according to the suggestions of the domestic and foreign scientific partners. The aforementioned research have contributed directly to the promulgation or supplementation and completion of many important policy and legal documents such as the 1998 Anti-Corruption Ordinance - amended and supplemented 2000, Inspection Law 2004, Inspection Law 2010; Law on Anti-Corruption 2005 - amended in 2007, 2012 and 2018; National Strategy on Anti-Corruption to 2020; Strategy for development of inspection industry to 2020, vision to 2030; Law on Complaints and Denunciations 1998, amended and supplemented in 2004 and 2005; Law on Complaints in 2011, Law on Denunciations 2011 amended in 2018, Law on Receiving Citizens in 2013, Law on Administrative Procedures, Criminal Code ...


- Regarding chairing the formulation of policies and laws: Trusted by the Government Inspectorate,  ISSI  has succeeded in implementing the task of leading the research and giving advice to build many new, complex policies and laws with wide scope of regulation, such as: chairing and ratifying the United Nations Convention against Corruption (2003-2009); assuming the prime responsibility in formulating documents: The 2005 Anti-Corruption Law; Decree No. 37/2007 / ND-CP dated March 9, 2007 of the Government on asset and income transparency; Decree No. 90/2013 / ND-CP dated August 8, 2013 of the Government defining the accountability of state agencies in performing assigned tasks and powers; National strategy for anti-corruption until 2020; Strategy for development of inspection industry to 2020, vision to 2030; The scheme to control assets and incomes of persons with positions and powers; Project of the Government on improving the capacity, effectiveness and efficiency of inspection, examination, audit and supervision by state agencies toward State enterprises in order to prevent, detect and handle micro breaking the law, negative, corrupt and wasteful; The scheme to protect people who reflect, propose, provide information on corruption, waste and negative; assuming the prime responsibility in designing a number of Circulars guiding the process of inspection, settlement of complaints and denunciations, citizen reception and anti-corruption.


- Regarding the information - propaganda of scientific research results: Many research of ISSI and predecessor organizations have been edited into books, monographs, textbooks, teaching materials, scientific bulletins and widely published or transformed into articles on the Institute's website, magazines, newsletters and forums of other agencies and units, facilitating favorable conditions for organizations and individuals to access to research and reference... Especially, the scientific research results of the ISSI have become an significant source of documents/ learning materials served for a large number of officials, public servants, officials, lecturer, students. Therein, many research results have been edited into textbooks and documents for training and retraining cadres, civil servants and officials of ministries, branches and localities of Vietnam and of Laos and Cambodia.

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